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bisnis forex trading

ForexTrading.com is owned and managed by Saxo Bank A/S. Saxo Bank is a fully licensed and EU-regulated international investment bank, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank has risen to become a leading international investment bank and Internet trading provider to both private and institutional investors. For more information about Saxo Bank, please click here.
If you choose to open a Live or Trial trading account from the ForexTrading.com website you will be redirected to Saxo Bank's website and will open the account with Saxo Bank A/S.
Saxo Bank offers trading in forex spot, forex forwards and forex options. You can open an account with $10,000 or equivalent. Spreads are as tight as 2 pips and you can use up to 200 times leverage on spot forex trades on the first EUR50,000, or equivalent, of your collateral. This amount of leverage means you can open trades using as little capital as 1/200 of the notional size of the trade you wish to enter. In other words, as little as 0.5% margin.
Using leverage in trading means any profits you make are geared by the amount of leverage. But beware, it also means your losses are geared by the same proportion.
Saxo Bank also offers trading in CFDs, stocks, futures and ETFs - but conditions may apply depending on the jurisdiction in which you live.
For more information on Saxo Bank's tradable products, spreads, commissions and margins, please click here.
If you wish to contact Saxo Bank, please select your appropriate regional office from the directory here.
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Open a Live Saxo Bank Account

Open an account with Saxo Bank to start trading forex.

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